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Round 1 - Boulder Central - Full Results
We were really pleased to see such a good turnout on Sunday! With 139 competitors split over the 2 sessions there were some really tough categories, especially with 15 GB National Development Squad members attending.
We are really happy with the way it went with only a few podium positions being decided on countback. 
Many thanks to those volunteers who judged!! We will be looking for Belayers and Judges for the next round!
If you have any pictures that you are sharing on your Instagram accounts don't forget to tag in @mycs2022
Hope to see you all at Climbing the Walls for ROUND 2!!!!!


Girls Junior
Girls A

Girls - Junior

1. Evie Haycock

2. Elspeth Brown

2. Lauren Barnett 

Girls - Category A

1. Eden Turner

2. Millington Courtney

3. Jenny Summer

Girls B

Girls - Category B

1. Valissya May 

2. Ruth Yeomanson

3. Bo Clay 

Girls C

Girls - Category C

1. Kaitlynn Fletcher

2. Rose Everett

3. Annabelle White

Girls D

Girls - Category D

1. Becca Day

2. Jessica Ward

3. Emma Hobs

Girls E

Girls - Category E

1. Florence McSorley

2. Isabella Rae

3. Elsa Taylor

Boys Junior

Boys - Junior

1. Max Hayworth

2. Ammam Modasar

3. Josh Hummel Newell

Boys B

Boys - Category A

1. Tyler Preston

2. Grant Goodman

3. Murphy Keeler-Reynolds

Boys D

Boys - Category B

1. Joe Honeyfield

2. Tom Steele

3. Kai Ward

Boys A

Boys - Category C

1. Harveer Seikham

2. Louie Cawley

3. Dylan Heason

Boys C

Boys - Category D

1. Oliver Rae

2. George Norton

3. Arthur Ogden

Boys E

Boys - Category E

1. Arnold Whittaker

2. Lukas Tyrer

3. Evan Middleton-Sanders

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