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Frequently AskeD Questions

  • My child hasn't entered a competition before - is the MYCS suitable for them?
    The competition is open to anyone with some climbing experience, not just those intending to climb in the BMC YCS and competitors can take part in as many rounds as they wish.
  • I have a question regarding the competition
    Please submit your query via the contact us form on this website and one of the team will get back to you.
  • Can you enter just the bouldering rounds?
    Competitors can take part in as many rounds as they wish.
  • How do I pay to enter each round?
    Payment is taken by the climbing centre on the day of the competition.
  • I wish to cancel my entry in to a future round
    Please message us via the Contact form on this website and your entry will be removed. If you chance you mind you are welcome to re-register.
  • What time do I need to arrive at the venue?
    Approximate times will be published in advance, and all competitors will be emailed with confirmed registrations times during the week before each round.
  • Do I need to supervise my child at the climbing centre?
    You need to remain at the centre during the competition but you do not need to be with you child all of the time.
  • What equipment do I need to bring?
    All entrants are responsible for providing personal climbing equipment i.e. harness, shoes, chalk bag, helmet. There may be some available from the host wall but remember to check first.
  • When are the results for each round published?
    The full results and podium photos are published on this website during the week after the competition. Look out for social media posts confirming the results have been published.
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