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host walls

The Midlands Youth Climbing Series is organised by a group of parents who provide their time on a voluntary basis. The series is not an organisation and we rely on the hospitality of the climbing walls of the Midlands to host the rounds.

We ask that host walls provide a venue, the benefit of their insurance and some interesting and challenging routes. All entrance fees are paid directly to the walls - the series asks for a percentage of the takings as a contribution to prizes and other expenses related to running the series.

What walls need to provide

  • The venue and appropriate staffing on the day of competition

  • The benefit of insurance coverage

  • New interesting and challenging route setting

  • A percentage of the entrance fees

  • A contribution of prizes for our spot prize raffle

What the series organisers provide:

  • The organisation and publicity for the series (including for our host walls)

  • Volunteers to label the routes and problems the day before the competition

  • Volunteers to judge and belay on the day (this is usually parents who are there to watch their children climb)

  • Scoring, certificates and prizes 

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