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2023 Round 5 - Newark - Results

Massive thanks to Luke Mansfield and his crew for hosting ROUND 5 at NEWARK YMCA, a fantastic routes which was echoed by parents, really well organized and the Big Screen in the Cafe Area was a nice touch! 
We didn't even have the need to recruit volunteers or judges which allowed for everyone to enjoy watching their kids climb even me!!
If you have any pictures that you are sharing on your Instagram accounts don't forget to tag in @mycs2023
Hope to see you all at BOULDER CENTRAL!!!!!


Junior Girls.jpg
Girls A.jpg

Girls - Junior

1. Holly Bates

2. Elspeth Brown

3. Gina Parr

Girls - Category A

1. Ruth Yeomanson

2. Beatrice Hill

3. Anna Storer

Girls B.jpg

Girls - Category B

1. Shona Brown

2. Freya Soroczyk

3. Summer Bradbury

Girls - Category C

1. Sophie Morton

2. Becca Day

3. Imogen Lilley

Girls - Category D

1. Rosa Kellaway

2. Lily Kettle

3. Avalon Allibone

Girls - Category E

1. Hannah Clough

2. Nancy Moxon

3. Olivia Lee

Girls D.jpg
Girls E.jpg

Boys - Junior

1. Daniel Brown

2. Robert Mildred

3. George Hammond

Boys - Category A

1. Sam Rigby

2. Leo Scotton

3. Gus Davies

Boys - Category B

1. Tomas White

2. Anthony Everitt

3. Henry Lovegrove

Boys C.jpg

Boys - Category C

1. Louie Cawley

2. Oliver Rae

3. Arthur Ogden


Boys - Category D

1. George Kendrick

2. Toby Skelton

3. Mason Burnett


Boys - Category E

1. Rory Penlington-Young

2. Oliver Durant

3. Joshua Lau

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