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overall RESULTS
Well it's been a great series with some awesome routes and problems.
We would like to thank all of our unsung volunteers including those who organise and manage our reception desk at each event, mentioning no names thank you to:
Jud, Annie, Steph, Sam, Bec, Jenny and Debbie!
Massive thank you to Bear (and Tyler) who turns up every Saturday before the event to mark up routes etc!!
Many thanks to all the volunteer judges throughout the series!!
Big thank you to all of our hosting walls:
Boulder Central
Climbing The Walls
Flash Climbing Centre
Creation Climbing Centre
Nottingham Climbing Centre
The Climbing Station
If you have any pictures that you are sharing on your Instagram accounts don't forget to tag in @mycs2022 and our sponsors @betablox @moonclimbing @lasportivauk
Onto the overall podiums, these were awarded to top 3 placed competitors who competed in 4 or more events throughout the season.

overall series PODIUMs


Girls - Junior

1. Elspeth Brown

3. Evie Haycock

3. Robyn Walker

Girls - Category A

1. Gina Parr

2. Jenny Summer

3. Eden Turner


Girls - Category B

1. Connie Bridgens 

2. Ruth Yeomanson

3. Beatrice Hill


Girls - Category C

1. Rose Everett

2. Imogen Lilley

3. Annabelle White


Girls - Category D

1. Becca Day

2. Avalon Allibone

3. Polly Taylor


Girls - Category E

1. Florence McSorley

2. Isabella Rae

3. Esmay Burnett


Boys - Junior

1. Max Hayworth

2. Josh Hummel Newell 


Boys - Category A

1. Grant Goodman

2. Tyler Preston

3. Daniel Brown


Boys - Category B

1. Tom Steele

2. Sam Rigby

3. George Slater


Boys - Category C

1. Dylan Heason

2. Tom Bouwknegt

3. Louie Cawley


Boys - Category D

1. Arthur Ogden

2. Oliver Rae

3. Henry Haynes


Boys - Category E

1. Arnold Whittaker

2. Lukas Tyrer

3. Mason Burnett

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