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2019 Round 2 - Boulder Central
Round 2 at Boulder Central,  following a super hard round at The Flash, we tweaked the format and the climbs which resulted in a good competition. There was great climbing from all the kids in the earlier start slot, especially Jack Adams and Harveer Sikham (Boys D) who flashed all their climbs, the climb off between the two climbers also resulted in 2 flashes and the overall win coming down to time, well done to both climbers and Jack for taking the win!!
We also had a mini comp in the traverse area which proved quite popular well done to Mia Rabe who took the win out of the morning competitors and to Tom Steele who won the afternoon session!!
A big thank you to the Boulder Central for hosting a great competition and all the volunteer judges. Today was really awesome with so many volunteers stepping up and judging, which made the whole event run smoothly and swiftly!
Below are the podium results for this round, full results will be available shortly. Well done to everyone who took part!
Round 2 - Full Results


Girls J_edited.jpg

Girls - Junior

1. Sophie Reading - Big Rock

2. Emma Jurczyk - Big Rock

3. Hannah Modasar - Boulder Central

Girls A.jpg

Girls - Category A

1. Elspeth Brown - Big Rock

2. Izzy Howard - Oxford Brookes

3. Ciara O'Leary - Warwick Uni

3. Robyn Walker RPB

Girls B.jpg

Girls - Category B

1. Isla Flemming - Big Rock

2. Eleanor Robinson - WADS

3. Eden Turner - Nottingham Climbing Centre

Girls C2_edited_edited.jpg

Girls - Category C

1. Connie Bridgens - The Foundry

2. C.B - Big Rock

3. Anna Bridgen

Girls D.jpg

Girls - Category D

1. Mia Rabe - Catalyst Creatures

2. Imogen Lilley - WADS

3. Rose Everett - The Climbing Unit

Girls E.jpg

Girls - Category E

1. Serafina Taylor-Law - Big Rock

2. Jessica Ward - White Spider

3. Minnie Bartholomew

Boys J.jpg

Boys - Junior

1.Ryan Gilbert - WADS 

2. Jude Evans

3. Adam Wheeler

3. Finlay Rogerson

Boys A.jpg

Boys - Category A

1. Benjamin Taylor - Wolf

2. Oscar Kennedy - Big Rock

3. Alexander Bishop - Oxford Brookes

Boys B.jpg

Boys - Category B

1. Tyler Preston - Climbing The Walls

2. Kai Paling - The Tower

3. Jake Buzzard - Climbing Station

Boys C.jpg

Boys - Category C

1. Tom Steele - Big Rock

2. Ethan Scrutton - Rock T

3. Dan Hargrove - Climbing Station

Boys D (2)_edited.jpg

Boys - Category D

1. Jack Adams - WADS

2. Harveer Singh-Seikham - Catalyst Climbing

3. Spike Fullwood - WADS

Boys E.jpg

Boys - Category E

1. Arthur Ogden

2. Thomas Jenkins - Nottingham Climbing Centre

3. Henry Haynes - Nottingham Climbing Centre

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