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Round 2 - Climbing The Walls - Full Results click here
Well that was a blast!! What an amazing set of routes from Climbing The Walls. Big thank you to all the staff at CTW for all their efforts throughout the day. An awesome display of tops from category D with a 3-Way tie for 1st place well done to Paul, Arthur and Oliver! (make it a bit harder for you guys next time)
Many thanks to those volunteers who belayed and judged!!! Without your help we wouldn't be able to run these events.
If you have any pictures that you are sharing on your Instagram accounts don't forget to tag in @mycs2022
Hope to see you all at FLASH for ROUND 3!!!!!


Girls J.jpg
Girls A.jpg

Girls - Junior

1. Harriet Sheppard

2. Cerys Adams

3.  Robyn Walker

Girls - Category A

1. Jenny Summer

2. Courtney Millington

3. Jane Hillhouse

Girls B.jpg

Girls - Category B

1. Connie Bridgens 

2. Ruth Yeomanson

3. Lottie Wardrop

Girls C.jpg

Girls - Category C

1. Kaitlynn Fletcher

2. Rose Everett

3. Isla Soroczyk

Girls D.jpg

Girls - Category D

1. Jessica Ward

2. Becca Day

2. Polly Taylor

Girls E.jpg

Girls - Category E

1. Florence McSorley

2. Isabella Rae

3. Elsa Taylor


Boys - Junior

1. Josh Hummel Newell



Boys A.jpg

Boys - Category A

1. Zack Taylor

2. Tyler Preston

3. Grant Goodman

Boys B.jpg

Boys - Category B

1. Tom Steele

2. Kai Ward

3. Sam Rigby

Boys C.jpg

Boys - Category C

1. Harveer Seikham

2. Tom Bouwknegt

3. Louie Cawley

Boys D.jpg

Boys - Category D

1. Oliver Rae

1. Arthur Ogden

1. Paul Bouwknegt


Boys - Category E

1. Lukas Tyrer

2. Mason Burnett

3. Arnold Whittaker

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