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2023 Round 4 - Big Rock - Results

Big thanks to Big Rock who hosted ROUND 4 a great round of climbing, really well organized and some good food too, I love a bacon bap!! Also thanks to their team of setters and other staff who were made available throughout the day. Thanks you James & James!!! 
We had an awesome number of volunteers today judging which made things run very smoothly, and to the reception desk staff who work hard on registration and inputting all those scorecards.
If you have any pictures that you are sharing on your Instagram accounts don't forget to tag in @mycs2023
Hope to see you all at NEWARK YMCA for ROUND 5!!!!!

THe PODIUMS (To be updated shortly)

Girls Junior
Girls A

Girls - Junior


2. Gina Parr

3. Elspeth Brown

Girls - Category A

1. Emma Little

2. Becky Brown

3. Ruth Yeomanson

Girls B

Girls - Category B

1. Sophie Lee

2. Shona Brown

3. Freya Soroczyk

Girls - Category C

1. Sophie Morton

2. Corinne Powell

3. Imogen Lilley

Girls - Category D

1. Lily Kettle

2. Avalon Allibone

3. Rosa Kellaway

Girls - Category E

1. Isabella Rae

2. Daniela Knazeva

3. Olivia Lee

Girls C
Girls D
Girls E
Boys Junior
Boys A
Boys B

Boys - Junior

1. George Hammond

2. Daniel Brown

3. Kieran Agwunobi

Boys - Category A

1. Tyler Preston

2. Gus Davies

3. Ted Lowe

Boys - Category B

1. Anthony Everitt

2. Joseph Eltringham

3. Jamie Topping

Boys C

Boys - Category C

1. Louie Cawley

2. Oliver Rae

3. Max Browne

Boys D

Boys - Category D

1. Lukas Tyrer

2. George Kendrick

3. Flynn Lawther

Boys E

Boys - Category E

1. Rory Penlington-Young

2. Joshua Lau

3. Oliver Durant

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